What remains: Hope, Solidarity & Determination after

the new regime in Turkey and the Covid-19 crisis

Friday 6th of May
9.30h ………….. Registration
10.00h Welcome & introduction to the workshop Poetry blessing
Session 1

Moderated by
Katharina Fink
(University of Bayreuth)
After Gezi Trials in Turkey: 21st Century Resistances and Labor Movements /
Work Place Solidarity – what’s next?

Eylem Çamuroğlu Çığ (University of Bayreuth)
Zafer Yılmaz (Humboldt University of Berlin)
Mustafa Şener (Free University of Berlin)
in conversation
12.15h Lunch Break – Engin’s Ponte
Session 2

Moderated by
Latife Akyüz
(European University
Viadrina Frankfurt)
Resistance and Solidarity in Universities /New Forms of Academics for Peace”

Bediz Yılmaz (Independent Researcher/Kültürhane)
“Academics for Peace: Not Tree but Rhizome”
Filiz Arıöz (Independent Researcher/Birarada)
“Solidarity Academies and Birarada Association”
Esra Mungan (Boğaziçi University)
“Resistance of Boğaziçi University and Academic Freedom in Turkey”
Meral Camcı (Independent Researcher/No Campus)
“Foundation Universities and Work Place Solidarity”
15.00hTea Break
Session 3

Moderated by
Mine Gencel Bek
(University of Siegen)
Post Gezi Resistances

Hakan Altun (Goethe University Frankfurt)
“What Remains is a Post-Barricade Art in/after Occupation: Pandora Aesthetics”
Hakan Mertcan (University of Bayreuth)
“The Alawi Youth Movement under the Rule of the AKP”
Esra Ergüzeloğlu (Independent Researcher)
“Solidarity of Civic Deaths”
Walk-About We Will Now Go To Kpaaza
Apéro & zine launch
iwalewabooks & owela festival:
“The Issue With Care: Love, Labour and P/leisure in times of crisis”
19hDinner Table at Iwalewahaus
Poetry & Concert
Bediz Yılmaz & Serdar Keskin
in conversation

Saturday, May 7th
Session 4

Moderated by
Christine Hanke
(University of Bayreuth)
………….. Intersectional Solidarity Now!

Burcu Yılmaz (Independent Researcher/University of Bayreuth) “An Example of a Feminist Solidarity
Academy: Aramızda Gender Research Association”
Egemen Kepekçi (University of Bayreuth)
“Counter-hegemonic Potentials of LGBTI+/Q Film Festivals”
Ceren Akçabay (Istanbul Okan University)
“Political Intersectionality and Struggle for Istanbul Convention in Turkey

Wrap-Up Session

Moderated by
Eylem Çamuroğlu Çığ
(University of Bayreuth)
Solidarity and Hope as a Healing Power

Tanu Biswas (University of Bayreuth)
“Solidarity and Hope/Learning from Children”
Ali Akber Doğan (Independent Researcher)
“After 9 Years the Balance Sheet of Gezi and the Future of Popular Uprisings”
Joelle LeMarec (Paris Sorbonne University)
“Endangered Humanities” (via Zoom)
Gauhar Raza (Independent Researcher, Poet, Documentary Filmmaker Delhi)
“Resistance, Solidarity and Poetry” (via Zoom)
Late Lunch