Bilal Akar


Bilal Akar is a Ph.D. candidate at Boğaziçi University Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History. He
holds a Master of Comparative Studies in History and Society from Koç University. The title of the MA
thesis is “Transformation of Kurdish Theater Field in Turkey 1991 – 2017”.

He has experience as a teaching assistant and coordinator of international projects at several NGOs.
He has also worked as an actor and a playwright. He is one of the founding members of Culture and
Theater Research Association (Cultheater).

His recent study focuses on statelessness, fragmentation of Kurdish diaspora, identity construction,
and representation of Kurdishness through theater in the European diaspora. The research aims to
make a comparative analysis of Kurdish Theater fields in different countries which engages with
several interwoven theoretical literatures, where the most significant ones are materiality, political
economy, Bourdieusian field analysis, and diasporic art studies in a postcolonial context.